Our Philosphy

Conecto' (Verb): Definition: implicate, involve, join/fasten, link together, connect, associate, lead to, tie

A Problem To Solve 

We're guessing you've found your way to our website because your business has some sort of problem and you need it solved. Seems like a case of right place, right time! 

Every problem in business is unique. Sure, it might seem common enough from an outsider's perspective, but there are always nuances and they need to be understood in order to solve your problem. Well, to solve it properly anyway.
At Conecto, we believe there are two essential ingredients that are required in order to solve problems: trust and creative thinking.  Now, don't go putting us inside a little box labelled management consultanty, or coach or mentor. That's just boring. While labels are convenient, they’re exactly why the B2B Consulting industry hasn't evolved for decades – And frankly, it's time it did.

But enough about the problem with the business we're in. Let's talk about your problem. That's why you're here, right? If you would like to actually talk to us, why not just give us a call? 

It’s an unusual place to start, but trust is actually critical to the process of problem solving. Trust ensures a common approach to understanding a problem, and requires honesty and respect to flow freely during the process. You might be thinking this sounds like fluff and bubbles.  That’s probably because you haven’t worked with an adviser that you can trust. Yet. Conecto only cares about our clients' best interests. We ask for their trust and we give everything we can to be worthy of it.

As we all know, trust doesn't just turn on like a tap. It takes time to develop and that requires a level of commitment from both you, the client, and us, your partner. We love the long haul.  In terms of creative problem solving, we approach it as a process of identifying and eliminating causes. The cause might derive from human malfunction, technical deficiencies, poor planning or design, wayward messaging, brand lethargy or maybe just bad timing.  God forbid the cause might be a mix of all the above. So who do you turn to? Well, in a conformist world you would turn to multiple advisers that each specialise in a particular area: markets, systems, team and so on.

Conecto strives to solve problems first, and then decide how we help you communicate the needed changes second. It's for this very reason that we won't necessarily always do what we're asked to do. Think of us as your laboratory for problem solving. Your Devil's Advocate.
How we work is just as important as who we work with – and for. Trusted relationships are integral to our business's growth and success.  We would like to think that our clients have the same philosophy. It's the difference between a vendor and a business partner; a supplier and a trusted advisor. Every adviser is going to be able to provide a solution to your problem. But let’s be practical. Not all solutions are created equal and not all are based on hands-on experience.  It’s the quality of the solution that determines how your business will ultimately perform. As such the quality of the solutions we offer you, is the quality of our work and inextricably linked to how our business performs.

At Conecto, we employ a team of talented service providers (if needed) who have enough experience under their belts to actually know how businesses operate and how they can be improved. We apply this knowledge to every client we take on, ensuring that our solutions are purpose-built, measurable, replicable and responsible. If we can’t solve your problem alone, we’ll find the right partners to join us in developing the best solution.  We might be a small firm, but we’re big enough to accept that our limitations shouldn’t be yours.

Our methodology is not entirely standard either. When working with our clients, we aim to identify the actual root of the problem, which may be you, and define the solution before we undertake the implementation of strategies to solve it.
Each element of your business is important however it's the connection between elements than reap the greatest rewards. 

20 Years Walking Our Talk

Each element of your business is important however it's the connection between elements than reap the greatest rewards. Headed by David van Leeuwen, Conecto brings over 20 years business ownership, operation and consulting to your business. In 2017, David divested from two businesses to focus on Conecto, bringing with him the hands-on experience needed in the day to day operation of business. With a diverse background of business ownership including manufacturing, professional services, import/distribution, etailing and marketing, Conecto offers a unique insight into its clients businesses. Conecto operates across the SME (1-10 mill) sector, the corporate sector (mentor & departmental strategies) and the public sector to increase performance wherever strategies and their resulting connections can be improved. Limited work is available for start-ups to help create direction and planning.