About us...

A Little History

With over 15 years hands on experience directly building numerous businesses, we're well placed to jump in to take control of those components of your business which can operate more efficiently for you.  Delegated was formed by David van Leeuwen, Managing Director of Medchannel, former management consultant, general manager, operations manager, production manager and business coach.  David brings this experience, plus 12 years prior experience working in numerous management roles including direct sales representation, operations, production and marketing.

Why Delegate ? 

After working with over 60 businesses as an external adviser, consultant and project manager, it became obvious that small to medium businesses more often than not lack the expertise, time and resources to maximise their potential due to being overloaded.  Business owners spreading themselves and their teams thin between the marketing, administration, production and logistics needed more than advice and ideas, they needed to delegate those parts of their businesses which require ongoing, systematic efforts in order to grow.  In short, they needed to Delegate !


The Delegated team includes both internal and external experts dedicated to specific Delegated tasks.  Each team member operates as a specialist in marketing, sales, operations, logistics or management to maximise the achievable results for Delegated clients in their respective fields.

Partnering With Our Clients

Delegated can't work with every business.  Assuming the responsibility for various roles in our clients businesses can only succeed if our clients and our team can identify a relatively seamless fit for our services within the culture of our clients' business.  In short, if we're 'On the same page' we can work together, if not, we can't.

Location Location

Situated in Newcastle NSW, Delegated is ideally positioned to service clients Australia wide.  From our East Coast warehouse we are geographically positioned to offer excellent national distribution and service.