About Conecto

Conecto' (Verb): Definition: implicate, involve, join/fasten, link together, connect, associate, lead to, tie

20 Years Walking The Talk 

Each element of your business is important however it's the connection between elements than reap the greatest rewards. Headed by David van Leeuwen, Conecto brings over 20 years business ownership, operation and consulting to your business. In 2017, David divested from two businesses to focus on Conecto, bringing with him the hands-on experience needed in the day to day operation of business. With a diverse background of business ownership including manufacturing, professional services, import/distribution, etailing and marketing, Conecto offers a unique insight into its clients businesses. Conecto operates across the SME (1-10 mill) sector, the corporate sector (mentor & departmental strategies) and the public sector to increase performance wherever strategies and their resulting connections can be improved. Limited work is available for start-ups to help create direction and planning.

Markets - Team - Systems

Your Markets, your Team and your Systems
 are the three core elements Conecto uses to identify and implement improvement strategies.  In order to leverage this work for greater returns, the key is finding loose or broken connections between strategies. Each element of your business is important, however just like a personal relationship, it's the links between the elements which often brings the greatest success, so just throwing new strategies into your business is inefficient without considerations for their connections!

Example Loose connection (1): You've created a new marketing campaign (Markets) and invested in its delivery, however your training (Team) wasn't sufficient for staff to convert new enquiries at an acceptable conversion rate and your delivery (Systems) couldn't deliver the stock required in time to keep the new client ratings high.  

The result: Whilst you managed to convert some prospects, you lost many during conversion and reduced the return purchase rate due to poor delivery.  If the connections between markets-team and markets-systems were 100% efficient, the results would multiply both for conversion and repeat business, substantially increasing the ROI on the campaign. 

Example Loose connection (2): You've increased your sales budgets (Systems) by adding new products for the new year however you haven't completed a competitor analysis (Markets) or discussed the proposed new volumes with your supplier (Team).

The result: Whilst the products seemed a logical fit, there was overseas competition supplying online at bargain pricing so your sales increased but your profit fell, and your supplier actually increased pricing due to currency fluctuations.  If the connections between systems-markets and systems-team were 100% efficient, you could have changed the new product mix to ensure you stood apart from the competition, and even if volumes were lower margins were maintained or increased.