Walking The Talk

Conecto' (Verb): Definition: implicate, involve, join/fasten, link together, connect, associate, lead to, tie

20 Years Business Ownership, Investment and Development

Each element of your business is important however it's the connection between elements than reap the greatest rewards. Headed by David van Leeuwen, Conecto brings over 20 years business ownership, operation and consulting to your business. In 2017, David divested from two businesses to focus on Conecto, bringing with him the hands-on experience needed in the day to day operation of business. With a diverse background of business ownership including manufacturing, professional services, import/distribution, etailing and marketing, Conecto offers a unique insight into its clients businesses. Conecto operates across the SME (1-10 mill) sector, the corporate sector (mentor & departmental strategies) and the public sector to increase performance wherever strategies and their resulting connections can be improved. Limited work is available for start-ups to help create direction and planning.  

Hands On Problem Solving for Better Results

If you're after long wordy proposals backed by reams of detailed graphs I can do that but it's not generally how I get results fast.  The strongest results to connect you and your business to growth and/or a better bottom line come from identifying, planning and implementing problem solving steps across your;
- Marketing & sales systems
- Operational activities
- People connections internally & externally