Knowing how your business is performing, and planning for success are crucial to effective management in today's competitive business environment.  Our benchmarks service can operate either as a one off program to establish your benchmarks and hand over management to you, or we can be actively involved in tracking and reporting for you to help you keep on top of your performance.

Key Performance Indicators

We’ll identify those areas of your business which have a major effect on your bottom line, setting targets for performance across the areas which will help you maintain and improve healthy margins across your sales, cost of sales and expenses.

Sales budgets

If you haven’t set clear goals for your business, your sales team and your suppliers there’s a strong chance you won’t be achieving your potential.  We’ll help break down your range into manageable, reportable pieces and implement the systems to track and improve.

P&L Analysis

Linked in with your KPI review, we’ll show you how to review your P&L statements to highlight weaknesses in your business’ performance.

Product reviews

Why do you sell what you sell ?  What’s profitable, time consuming, easy or complex to sell ?  Just because you list it doesn’t mean you should.  Product reviews may include industry and competitor analysis.