Team Works

Your team is the backbone of success.  Our policy on Team is simple, we believe an open, transparent environment produces the most cohesive team and the strongest results for business.  Team Works services are project based and actioned as required.

Organisation Map

Who does what, reports to who and why are often answered by the theory of evolution, “Because we’ve just ended up doing it this way” !  That doesn’t make it wrong, however we can map your team and create structure for growth and succession so all your people are aiming at the same goal posts.

Hiring & Induction

We’ll write and place your personnel ads, and if it’s needed we’ll help with the interview process to get your new people fitting in fast.  We’ll write/review your induction training programs to ensure your new people join in where you want them.

Sales & Customer Service Training

We’ll provide on-site sales and customer service training to make sure your people are ‘singing the same song’ when representing your company.

Succession Planning

Need a sea change ?  Whether you’re planning your next venture, or ready for retirement, planning for succession is crucial in order to set your business’ direction. We’ll work with you to mould the business into the shape it need to be to help facilitate this change.